Shortcodes & QR codes

Shortcodes and QR codes make it easier and faster to communicate with your customers, helping improve response rates and generate interest in a business.


One of the quickest, and best ways to integrate mobile with your marketing, a shortcode is a five digit phone number that can receive and respond to text messages. It is very simple: a consumer sees an advert, is interested and notices the call to action (e.g., ‘text TRAVEL to 62233 for more'). They send an SMS. Iris receives the text, and replies with a pre-determined, automatic message such as an internet link, picture, or location-based information.

QR codes

2D barcodes (QR are the most ‘famous’) work similarly to the barcodes you see on products in a shop: scan the code and some information is displayed or recorded. The scanner is now a mobile phone with a QR reader app and the information can be whatever you choose: a link to a website, a special offer coupon, a picture or video and much more.

QR Code Generator

Our barcode generator software module can be used to create individual or mass produce hundreds of thousands of print quality barcodes. These codes can include unique destination URLs and/or customer IDs or other tokens.

This information, specific to the user and/or location of the barcode, can be reported though your existing website analytics, allowing you to have a clearer understanding of who is scanning your codes and what is creating customer action.

We help our clients engage with their target markets using QR codes because they provide an instant way for consumers to connect with businesses.

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