Mobile internet

23.14% of web site visits in December 2012 came from mobile devices, an 84% increase over December 2011 and a 283% increase over January 2011.

Incentivated, as mobile specialists have core skill sets in key areas for mobile website design that broader digital agencies do not provide: we have the server side technology to allow for better data management over the mobile networks (if your website takes too long to load, your site visitor has hit the 'back' button and moved on to a competitor site), plus we have the creative and design skills, combined with customer behavioural understanding of the mobile environment, to allow the development of sites that are not only tuned to your customer's phone (whatever that might be), but also maintains your investment in differentiation through your brand - avoiding me-too "cookie cutter" templates, for example.

Remington Mobile

The use of standardised menu structures and a simple transcoding engine to squeeze your desktop site into a format that works on mobile screens - lumping your brand together with all your competitors, and undoing all £millions spent in brand development and positioning - is long gone.

-Using RESS (see our blog post on responsive design ), HTML5, JQuery, CSS and lots of other tools that are becoming available, we are able to provide your brand with the mobile website it deserves - whatever your objectives, brand needs and budget levels.
-Customised and dynamic websites for unique mobile devices based on the device's capabilities. This includes sites specifically designed to work with tablets. Get the website your brand and your customers deserve - fast loading, on-brand and avoiding the common pitfalls that even top FTSE100 brands are falling into
-Fully transactional sites with bank-approved, secure mCommerce solutions your mobile website can provide immediate payment transactions
-High level data integration to facilitate the regular exchange of data with your database using automatic and controlled methods
-Transcoding technology to take your existing website and create a better mobile experience, or create a new mobile site, made possible with our in-house Phone Capability Database (PCD). Transcoding doesn't have to mean design compromise - the site we built for Remington was a fully transactional, transcoded site that maintained brand integrity via an elegant UX delivered through template designs and swipe gesture navigation (for touchscreen smartphones).
-Analytic tools and reporting abilities that provide useful insight into page impressions, session times, unique users, downloads, site journeys and more - fully integratable with your existing analytics package

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