Managed services

Whilst the iris platform is set up to allow clients to login, create and manage their mobile marketing activities directly, we understand that time and resource pressures often make this impractical.

Incentivated therefore offer a sliding scale of 'managed service' for our mobile solutions depending upon client need.

We can provide a complete service - from creating the mobile interaction that complements the rest of an agreed marketing strategy, the creation of mobile-specific messages and content through to the implementation and reporting of the mobile aspects of the campaign.

Options available include:

-Creating a suitable message within 160 characters
-Creating the response message
-Setting up any required follow-up action

-Re-purposing images for MMS messages
-Creating or editing assets to work effectively across all the variations of device

-In-and post-campaign reports of message delivery, links clicked, responses generated, pages viewed, prizes won and so on. This is available in real-time through iris.

Where the campaign ideas and messages are already agreed, Incentivated can, instead, act as the distribution agent - setting up the agreed content and distributing it to the client's contact database, and providing post-campaign reports and analysis. We subscribe to the Data Protection Act, are mobile council members of the DMA and approved data handlers for UK financial institutions.

Contact us today to see how mobile can enhance your marketing strategy.