Location marketing

Location marketing technology identifies the geographic location of consumers and provides highly targeted marketing communications. Essentially it's a means to target specific groups more effectively based on where they are, and to provide useful and relevant services to consumers wherever possible.

When developing location marketing strategies, we utilise three key location technologies:


Using this method we can reach consumers regardless of the type of phone they use, as the technology is on the network side. This means that our clients can reach 100 per cent of mobile users with useful services, such as Cabwise's Find My Nearest offering.


GPS provides greater geographic precision and faster results than network-based technology, as well as being a fully-automated method of location tracking, requiring no input on the consumer side.


Using Bluetooth to broadcast invitations for communication and content is a great way to reach consumers. As recipients have to voluntarily accept the transmission, you'll only reach consumers that are interested in your offering, giving you the chance to push engaging multimedia.

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