Enterprise messaging

With over 90% of people in the UK regular users of SMS and well over half a million apps (and almost 100,000 for tablets) available for Apple and Android, communicating with your customers through various forms of enterprise messaging is an incredibly effective, and targeted, medium to use.


Our mobile messaging platform delivers manual and fully automated bulk SMS and MMS messaging capabilities to communicate with customers, employees or to accept charitable donations. Marketing messages, automated ecommerce notifications, CRM advisory or service updates can also all be integrated with a clientÂ’s existing back end systems.

We offer standard and paid messaging capability throughout 206 countries. We can handle over 200 messages per second, allowing us to deliver millions of messages per day for clients with large or small databases.

In-App Messaging

Our new cross-platform In-App messaging API provides support for sending messages via a downloaded app on any or all of Apple (iOS), Android, Blackberry and Microsoft Windows Mobile platforms. The API is available for use by any app developer.

These messages or instructions are sent directly to the customerÂ’s phone, via the hardware manufacturer, rather than the mobile network operator (MNO) so there is no message transmission cost involved.

You can route messages to mobile apps as an alert with badges, marquee, pop-up, 'toast' etc or as SMS or both. Iris applies the relevant business logic automatically on account of its single customer view ("SCV").

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